Operation by Cody Davis

I’m shivering,

covered in splinters,
fragmented pieces of skin ripping skin into flesh into nerves.
shock up my spine,
I’m covered in splinters.

I ask for scissors to cut the splinters out.
Like sterilized metals pushing and prodding
Digging and removing,
Shining bright under fluorescent pupils.

“How long until I’m done?” I ask
“Until there’s nothing left.” They say
“Is that all?” I ask.

More pushing and prodding,
Digging and removing,
Sighs and sweat roll off of hands
Into the hole in my chest,
Creating a cesspool of fluids,
Mixing and bubbling like oil in water in corn syrup.

“Is that all?” I ask

Sweat dripping and rolling off
With sighs falling to the side
Brows raising and lowering
Noses sniffing and sputtering
Metals digging and removing,
Pushing and prodding,
Fluids mixing and bubbling . . .
And fluorescent pupils
turning purple,
and blue,
and green.

“We need more cotton swabs.” They say
“What are they for?” I ask.
“Just rest your head.” They say.

Pushing and pushing,
Breaking, snapping,
sewing, swabbing.
Brows raising and lowering,
Sweat rolling off of sleeves onto the floor.

I’m shivering,
Lying on a metal table
Cool metal on my back,
Burning on my chest.
The cold is too much to bare.

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