Free Write essay by Cody Davis

Sometimes I get to looking at people, older people, in their 30s or 40s, sometime 50s, and imagine them in their 20s, before they were married, or in a relationship at all, or were working full time jobs, before their hair was turning grey, or turning away from their scalps.

I sit and I imagine boxes originally made to hold paper, mainly because my parents have these boxes, that are now stored up in their closets. Inside the boxes are old photos from their younger years, photos of family reunions, birthdays, photos of dead grandparents, photos of them with their grandparents, photos of baseball teams, photos of vacations, and sun burned skin, and mustaches, and ripped up blue jeans, and bangs.

I imagine that sometimes, when the kids are away, they go to casinos, or meet their friends to drink at a honky tonk bar, because "You'll like Country more the older you get." I imagine them at weddings, cutting loose to John Mellencamp, and dancing like they did 20, 30 years ago. Shaking their hips, making scrunchy faces to one another and strumming to the guitar solo. Some would even know the bass line, and stretch their fingers across imaginary strings.

As I watch them, using their bluetooths and checking their watches, I imagine the wild nights they had. I imagine the pot they smoked, and the beers they drank, and the fast cars they drove or rode backseat in. I image them laughing over one another, with their hands gripping cans, lifted in the air, and their feet coming off the floor as they tip in their seats.

 I imagine the friends they don't see anymore. The ones from their home towns. The ones whose numbers they lost, and the one they saw on the news, wanted, or busted for running a drug house, or dying in a drug house. I imagine their friends that call them out of the blue, say they're getting married, and want them at the wedding, or say they've been married, or have been married twice, and they all have kids already.

I imagine the debt they're in.
I imagine the fights they've had.
I imagine the sex they've had.

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