Dec. 25th. 2008 by Cody Davis

There's a strip of lights shining
different colors,
orange and blue,
pink and green,
and they're always coming on and off again,
orange and blue,
pink and green,
Sometimes they blink in sync
with the tick tock
tick tock of my clock,
tick, pink, tock, black,
tick, green, tock, black.
Sometimes they all go together with a song playing,
dancing, visual meter, 120bpm.
But other times the red tipped white bulb day dreams,
forgets the temp,
steps out of synch with the clock and
then the
song speeds up, leaving
the ticks and tocks in the dust
and the blinks and beats and ticks
are as awkward as
a bum giving change to
a salvation army Santa.

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