Acer's Bereavement by Cody Davis

I can not shake my leaves.

Other’s stand barren
And are wafted by the tresses of the winds hair
Slowing sap, sweet nectar, to the slowest drip of ecstasy.

I gather strength from the ties that bind me to the ground,
and press hard,
hard through my chest,
through my arms,
through my hands raised high,
in hopes that I will be noticed
from the little that my fingernails have grown,
but with no sum.

I yearn with such intensity,
Wont wrath beyond clouds illuminate?
Ignite my flesh and rid me of this burdensome chastity!
For such burns will be cooled by the whispers of winter.

Still at the glimpse of what might be salvation
my amber umbilicals, attaching themselves to my will,
leeches harvesting what sugar and soul I have left.

No thunder resides in the grays and purples of the sky.
I remain warm with embarrassment
While others die, covered in ice.

2 chatty Kathys:

Tyler G said...

If you don't know the band Shai Hulud, you should check them out, especially their lyrics. This reminds me of their "style" at times.

Your blog won't register in my GoogleReader. Bummer. You just need to keep commenting on mine so I'll look at yours. Ha. Seriously, I'll try to remember.

jazzyfella08 said...

That is weird, yours registers in mine.