The path to enlightenment by Cody Davis

Let me discover what is under.

Neath me is a bride, A bridge,
To find what it is I’ve been looking for,
A door to walls to break through,
with arms flaring and teeth shining a pale white,
glossy with whatever words I would say, but had forgotten.

If one foot crosses the dotted line
crossing hearts and twine divided into parts
through our fingertips, around our lips,
through ears and eyes and moans,
then stop!
Before you speak such corks,
Leak this wine into our mouths
And Appreciate the taste and smells
embellish themselves on the walls of our throats.

I only cross to find what is rightfully mine,
A place between friend or lover or
To fill a space between sheets and covers,
or books and knowledge that we’re the same no matter what.

No matter what.

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