Old At Heart by Cody Davis

Heart like a porch swing,
Weak wood
like fingers down chalkboard.
Icicle chains
Through seasoned hands.

Starched creased khakis
Heeding abated legs.
Hard alloy turned slumping
Leather under wool socks.

Glasses sliding down,
Sloping smelling nose
Above bristled upper lip.

Avalanche down the sides of face,
Milky peak above the ears.
Cliffs of protuberant cotton brood
Over the newspaper.

Raisened fingers grip
Flustering pages.
Dull ink blurs.
Pictures are veiled.

4 chatty Kathys:

Tyler G said...

Some good stuff in there. That first line is super strong. "Raisened fingers grip/flustering pages." This kind of line gives good movement to the poem. Maybe try to give a little more movement/action to the poem. By third stanza, I was wanting it to hook together more. But still good stuff. Heart like a porch swing. Cool.

Jordan said...

Eff you Cody. Capital EFF you.

Tyler G said...

I must have missed the point?

Cody Davis said...

sheeps skin.