Portable by Cody Davis

I want to hold in my hand
Things that are too big to hold in my hand:

A giant booger from Superman’s nose,
Dripping dead cells stained kryptonite green
That taste like, “who done it?” and “trouble is a brewin’”

An ax,
An ax the size of the Sears Tower,
Or whatever they call it now.
Ax, staff made from an entire redwood,
To show everyone else in plaid
I’m the real fucking lumberjack.

The Oceans.
The Pacific,
The Atlantic,
The Indian,
The Southern,
The Arctic,
In the palm of my right hand.
I’d conjure all the hurricanes.
A blue family reunion,
With the twirl of my finger.

I’d spit in my palm and watch the white foam
spin against levees and spill over.
And Kanye would remark
On how I hate black people.

A giant hamster ball,
Filled with normal sized hamsters.

Mike Teavee,
before he was sent over their heads in a million tiny little pieces.
I’ d hold him and shake him.
I would dangle him by the foot over Wonka’s head,
Freaking Will out like he freaked me out
with his crazy ass boat,
And his crazy ass song,
And his crazy ass fetish with small orange people.

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