Darlin' by Cody Davis

I guess I am the freak,
because I can’t just stand around old towns
and smoke my lungs black, or follow girls dancin’ in their yellow dresses,
or follow girls not dancin' in their yellow dresses.

My head will get rollin’ down dams
and splashin’ up prehistoric fish over pipe drains and sand beaches.
They’ll scream fuck! because they haven’t felt the sun in a long time,
and their sticky white skin will sizzle drip in the heat,
and all the water will taste like fried gnats.

Then I’ll get to stabbing.
My knuckles will run flesh mean into the concrete.

Those fish will be breathing or not breathing in the air
and their blind eyes will get big because my knuckles turning
into bright light will dry out their fish eye sockets.
They’ll start licking their fish lips because they feel a flood coming.

But In all my fury, pushing my bones, and taking vibrations,
I’ll feel sorry for the fish.
They’ve been alive a long time,
and they need to be dried out and discovered by some old man
with a brush and an alcohol problem.

So I've stopped breaking the dam.
I ain't gonna follow no yellow dress.

Though I miss it like the pledge of allegiance.
I'm hoping it ashes and mixes,
flushed with brown piss.

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