Dirty Thoughts by Cody Davis

My mind has been clean sheets for too long.

I need cloudy teeth and smoky fingers.
I need black man chords and numbing sweet low.
I need wet dirty in my ears.
I need burning and love yous under my feet.

Push me with your Stockholm lips.
Hold my face tight between your hands
and run your thumbs in my eyes.
Pour your palms of salty sweat on my stinging feet.
Choke me out with your gray fingers
and spit blue on my forehead.

We need to dance like we did drunken,
holding ourselves off the green with our laughing teeth
and wiping the sky’s dirty windows with our wash cloth sleeves.
We need to breathe the air with snaking viruses,
the black mass breath of burning tubes.
We need to tie our tongues and hug our lips
with our eyes open and afraid.

We, we, we, need to be we,
again, lovely.

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