Time keeps on tickin' tickin' tickin'

into the fuuuuuture.
Space Jam bitches.

Today has been a good day.
A day I can take note of not being a bad,
or otherwise unmemorable day.
Not that today is a memorable day,
but a good day.

I have this problem with charging
capabilities and my Mac right now,
so I have not been writing as much online.

That's ok. Do not despair. I will find ways
and make holes.

New glasses soon. 'Bout damn time.

I'm going camping next weekend in Shulz, IN.
Stoked to the MAX! !! !

Reading is good and great at the same time.

I have to pee.

2 chatty Kathys:

Tyler G said...

Where is Shulz? I haven't been camping this year. Well there was the cabin trip for our anniversary, but I don't count that.

Space Jam is my favorite documentary, but you know this, pal.

Cody Sean Davis said...

Haha. Meant Shoals, below Bloomington. Catfish festival; had a helluva time.

Here's your chance, do your dance at the Space Jam.