BAM, Blog post!

I work with a man who once sold 6 oz.'s of rock cucaine t Axel Rose of Guns n' Roses.

I work with a man whose back in't like it used t be, whose hip, whose hearing, whose.

I work with a man who di time because he wa just gettin' it away from the baby, damn.

I work with a man who is hip to Vic and di the drums for Motown when it was hot, hot.

I am the KRAKEN
or some hideous monster
or I am nothing.

I think you are right
you are hideous nothing
you are a mythic. 

I have many arms 
so I reach with all my arms
all my many arms.

Good for you. and you. 
and you. 

Get on, on
on with your bad-self.


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