Some things about something like now.

Grizzly Bear is KILLIN IT in my room right now, like FUCK.

Fall is not the same as Autumn
but they start the same time.
Autumn is a gun shot victim
heat leaving wound and head.
Fall is tattered hope and quilt.
A desperate position, starving
moans for some orange warmth.

Everyone seems so very happy, like sun warm silhouettes of kites shifting under bluemilk clouds, over safe-low branches netted and filled with a weeks walking of foliage.

I want to draw so many 3D things, like a hug,
like a lift,
like a bro,
like a high-five,
like a home,
like a kiss,
like a switchblade,
like a you.

My computer has been sent to repair, 329.95 flat fee.
If I set up a Pay-Pal account, would you donate?
Is that too much to ask?
Am I too much to ask?
Who is asking the questions here?

There was something else I wanted to blog about.
Enjoy the suspense,

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